douglas retzler art and effects

Our Stone Soup

The story of Stone Soup is an old European tale with many variations. Each story speaks of an unknown traveler passing through a town, the dropping of guard, sharing and the creation of something unique and pleasurable from a humble stone or idea.

Winter Gathering started a few years back as a get together amongst friends to ward off winterís chill and cabin fever. We share resources of food, talents and ideas to create an evening of event and shared experience. The goodwill exchange between old friends and new, the sharing of commonality, uniqueness, serendipity and discovery - these are the elements that give life warmth, richness and health.

Both last and present Winter Gatherings: ďAn Eastern European Winter FestivalĒ- bring a focus of heritage and some unique characteristics of winter celebration in Central & Eastern Europe. With our stone soup, it is our hope that everyone brings something of themselves to the pot, a reflection of old world memories, traditions, rituals, recipes, songs, stories, talents and experience.

We hope you join us in creating and sharing this experience.

This yearís Winter Gathering is held Saturday, March 3 at the Relay Town Hall from 6pm-midnight. Themed cover dish from 6 8:30. Performance and event throughout the evening. We are soliciting participation in outside winter art installation, on & off stage music & performance, costume and craft of tradition. Please contact us: home page